Abstract Submission
Deadline extended!

Submit your abstract by 31 January 2019 and become a part of the programme.

Presentation Types

You can choose between different presentation types:

  • oral presentation (15 min. incl. discussion)
  • poster presentation (DIN A0 portrait format)

Please also choose the relevant topic from the list given in the submission form.

Per registration two abstracts / papers can be submitted.


The conference chairs will review and rate all abstracts. The preliminary programme will be established according to these ratings. All authors who have submitted their abstract via this website will be informed about acceptance in February 2019. 

Afterwards authors have to submit their full length papers by 31 March 2019.

The International Scientific Committee will review all papers. Acceptance of full papers will be sent to authors in May 2019.



The abstract should be at least 150 words, but not exceed 400 words.

For the full papers we will provide a template with abstract acceptance. The full papers should have a length of 8 pages.


Structural health monitoring

  • Smart sensors
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Implementation of structural monitoring
  • Monitoring of off-shore structures and oil pipelines
  • Advanced inspection and testing
  • System identification and model updating
  • Vibration-based structural health monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing in civil engineering

Performance and damage assessment

  • Safety evaluation and reliability forecast

Damage control, repair and strengthening

  • External strengthening using FRP composites
  • Strengthening of concrete, timber and steel structures
  • Confinement of concrete columns
  • Near surface mounting reinforcement
  • Seismic safety assessment, rehabilitation and monitoring
  • Strengthening, monitoring and life-cycle assessment of metallic structures

Durability issues as related to harsh environments

  • Fire protection systems

Shape memory alloys in civil structures

  • Nickel-titanium, copper on iron-based SMA
  • Application of SMA for civil structures using special properties such as damping superelasticity, shape memory effect of ductility

Practical applications and case studies

Visionary concepts


  • Call for Abstracts

    until 31 December 2018

    Authors are requested to submit their abstracts for review.
  • Abstract Review and Acceptance Notification

    in Februar 2019

    Conference chairs review all abstracts. Confirmation will be sent to the authors in February 2019.
  • Call for Full Papers

    until 31 March 2019

    Authors who's abstracts were accepted have to submit their full length papers by 31 March 2019.
  • Full Paper Review and Acceptance Notification

    until 31 May 2019

    International Scientific Committee reviews all full papers. Acceptance Notification will be sent to the authors in May 2019.
  • Registration

    by 31 May 2019

    Registration and payment of presenting authors by 31 May 2019 for being included in the final programme
  • Submission of Final Revised Papers

    by 15 July 2019

    Submission of final revised papers until 15 July 2019 is required.
  • Final Programme published

    in August 2019

    Final programme will be published in August 2019
  • Submission of Presentation

    in August 2019

    Submission of presentation is available 30 days before the conference. You will receive a seperate e-mail.